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On January 1st, 2023, I started Project 365+. 


What is Project 365+? It's a year long online art show where I tell my life story through 365 paintings. Each day, a new piece is painted and added to an exclusive Instagram account for subscribers only. With this $50 blue tier, you'll get ONE unlimited print. Along with seeing a new work of art each day, the project includes video updates, a 16 page Zine, storytelling, some wise words, fashion, and a love story with Weeezy. 


The project's inspired by Keith Haring. He said that an artist should be able to finish a painting in one day. I took on this challenge and will be creating one painting a day for 2023. 


There will be at least 3 different unlimited prints avaialbe. You'll be alerted once a print is released. At any point during the year, you can let me know which print your interested in which I will make note of on my end.

If ewe have any questions, feel free to ask me anything.





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